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Abandoned children find their true angel 

By Qiu Bo (China Daily)
Updated: 2011-01-14 07:59
Deng Zhixin spends time with a child at Angel Mom, a temporary foster
center she co-founded in 2007 to help abandoned children with congenital
disorders. Provided to China Daily
BEIJING - It was shortly after her daughter was born in 2005 that Deng Zhixin gave birth to an idea to help children who had been abandoned by their parents.
While exchanging ideas online with a group of new moms on how to take care of children, Deng came across stories of children born with congenital disorders being left by their parents on the street or in hospitals.
"My original intention was to find medical aid for those kids, and find them the love they deserve as much as other children," said Deng, 41.
With a group of mothers in Beijing in 2007, Deng co-founded Angel Mom, an organization that helps poor orphans who might die without receiving timely medical treatment.
Those children, born with cleft lips, blocked tubes in their bodies or other disorders, come mostly from Henan, Sichuan and Anhui provinces through local welfare houses or offices of civil affairs.
Angel Mom collects funds from wealthy people to provide medical help to the disabled children and finds adoptive parents for them.
Deng said the organization was meant as a temporary foster center rather than a welfare house.
"We concentrated on seeking financial support for their operations and finding them a family capable of and truly willing to adopt them," she said.
Weeks ago, Deng quit her job for the third time in three years. Before she quit, she was the chief financial operator in a Beijing-based foreign invested company with an annual salary of more than 500,000 yuan ($75,000).
"I couldn't handle the heavy work while taking care of the children at the same time," Deng said.
Angel Mom now maintains cooperation with more than 15 hospitals across the country.
As soon as a child arrives, Deng and her partners immediately start seeking financial help from wealthy people through personal relationships or accept assistance from certain charities, such as Smile Angel Foundation, founded in 2006 by Chinese singer Faye Wong and her husband Li Yapeng to help children with cleft lips.
"It usually takes days or even weeks to find someone who would like to donate a sufficient amount if the child's illness doesn't meet the charity funds' requirements," Deng said, adding that six children have passed away, some due to lack of timely medication.
In 2009 Deng heard of Zou Cheng, a 2-month-old infant born with a heart disease and Down syndrome who had been abandoned in a hospital hallway in Shandong province after his birth.
Deng knew the baby could live 20 to 30 years with a successful operation, but it would be extre(China Daily 01/14/2011 page2)

  北京- 在女儿2005年出生后不久,邓志新有了一个想法:帮助被父母抛弃的孩子们。


我最初的目的是,为那些孩子找到医疗救助,并且找到爱,他们应当和其它孩子拥有一样多的爱”, 41岁的邓说。







  几星期前,邓在三年里第三次放弃了她的工作。辞职之前,她在一家北京的外国被投资的公司中担任高级财政执行官,年薪超过500,000元 ($75,000)。